Conservation Resources Leads Movement Towards Certified Regenerative Forestry

Impact real asset manager pledges 100% of managed land to regenerative practices

We are proud to be one of the first institutional real asset managers to seek to transition both our farmlands and timberlands to verified regenerative practices.”— Paul Young, Conservation Resources' CEO

EXETER, NEW HAMPSHIRE, UNITED STATES, April 2, 2024 / -- Conservation Resources (CR), an innovative real asset investment firm founded in 2004, is pledging to transition 100% of its managed lands to regenerative practices. The firm is the first institutional timberland manager to have properties certified regenerative by Regenified™ and is pursuing certification for its agricultural properties. This pledge aligns with a broader movement – the 100 Million Acres Initiative - founded by partners that include Conservation Resources, aimed at transitioning 100 million acres nationwide to regenerative management practices.

Since 2004, CR has invested in timberland and agriculture investments utilizing a differentiated strategy that develops investment opportunities around trends related to environmental changes. This is driving its land management strategies to improve economic performance by creating more resilient and healthier ecosystems through regenerative management practices. The commitment to transition to regenerative practices will impact 306,708 acres of farmed and forested land across 21 properties in the U.S. Auditing of the land began in December 2023 and is scheduled to be complete by July 2024.

Certified by Regenified, a third-party verification and certification entity focused on regenerative practices in agriculture and forestry, CR is advancing regenerative forestry practices to secure the long-term health of forests and the planet. Through selective harvesting, minimal disturbance logging, and reforestation efforts, regenerative forestry enhances biodiversity, soil health, and climate resilience over time. These practices safeguard habitats for diverse flora and fauna, sequester carbon, improve water quality, and prevent soil erosion.

"We are proud to be one of the first institutional real asset managers to seek to transition both our farmlands and timberlands to verified regenerative practices," says Conservation Resources’ chief executive officer Paul Young. "Our commitment to environmental stewardship has always been underpinned by a desire to show it can enhance financial returns. We are committed to helping other stakeholders realize the same result and to contribute to reaching the tipping point of 100 million acres transitioned to regenerative practices.

By achieving compliance with Regenified's 6-3-4™ Verification Standard, Conservation Resources pioneers a holistic risk management framework in forestry, aligning with nature to prioritize soil health, wildfire prevention, and pest management for healthier ecosystems and harvests. Regenified's science-based framework and certification, rooted in rigorous measurement of practices and outcomes, backed by on-field/in-forest and in-lab testing, underscores Conservation Resources' commitment to transparency and traceability, establishing a new benchmark for land management in the industry.

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About Conservation Resources

Conservation Resources is a real asset investment firm committed to sustainable land management. Since its inception in 2004, Conservation Resources has invested over $1.2 billion in assets utilizing its differentiated strategies. The firm's mission seeks to drive positive financial returns and environmental impact through regenerative and sustainable land management practices. For more information, visit

About Regenified

Regenified is a practice and outcome-based land verification and product certification program that champions regenerative agriculture. Founded by a team of regenerative farming pioneers, experts, and innovators, Regenified promotes practices that enhance biodiversity, soil health, water quality, and nutrient density while aligning with nature. Regenified verifies and certifies farms, ranches, and products that restore ecosystems and regenerate soil, ensuring a sustainable legacy for future generations. Committed to cultivating a regenerative world, Regenified guides farms and brands toward practices that rejuvenate the Earth, support thriving ecosystems, and transform agriculture into a healing force for our planet. Farmers and buyers interested in learning more should visit

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